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Weight loss
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Personalized fitness and nutrition plan tailored to your goal, experience and lifestyle.  I give ongoing support which goes beyond your training sessions, to help and form better, healthier habits.

Strength training 
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Fit and healthy 

1-2-1 fitness sessions fitting around your daily life. Sessions can take place in home, outdoor, office or digitally. Goal is to improve general health and make fitness and healthy eating as a part of your lifestyle. 

Nutrition plan

 Sessions specifically designed for new moms. Focus is on getting the connection back with your pelvic floor, gaining and improving core strength and stability while releasing tight muscles.

Motivation running club 

Strength training can help you tone up, burn calories, lose body fat, boost your mental health and protect your bones and joints.

Strength training for women involves using your own body-weight, dumbbells or trying resistance bands workouts to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

Full support in fitness nutrition by creating individual diet plan and changing bad habits for a healthy and easy to maintain lifestyle. 

Follow up depending on the goal and timeline. 

Running group for beginners and non-runners, are a great way to meet like-minded people with similar goals. It will help immensely to improve your running habit formation. Extrinsic factors could be external rewards such as weight loss or cardio improvement. Intrinsic rewards may come from the escape from stressors or enjoying time spent outdoors. .

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