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Fitness for women 

Sona Komarova, Personal trainer 
Küsnacht and Zurich area 

About Me

When did you become passionate about fitness and health?

I was 11 years old when I joined a sports school – competing in athletics and basketball. Back then I was already very fascinated by human function and nutrition.


Why I have become a personal trainer?

Many people approached me with a common question ‘what do you do to be so fit?’ Therefore, I decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer and share my professional knowledge and experience with other women.

What is so different about your fitness set up?

I am offering fitness to suit my clients 100% and I take fitness training out of the gym. I have the flexibility to train with my clients where they wish – at their home, garden, office or local park. Alternatively, my clients can train at my place where everything is set up for training outdoor (on the terrace). I am here to meet their needs and be as flexible as I can. I work with my clients on a holistic level.


Which education allows you to train people?

I completed the highest education for personal training in London (YMCAfit -Advanced Diploma for Personal Training). I also completed Gym Instructor level 2 and 3, Outdoor Fitness, Sport Conditioning, Nutrition/sports nutrition and TRX coaching.

Iyengar Class

Fitness and food 


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Weight loss 

Personalized fitness and nutrition plan tailored to your goal, experience and lifestyle.  I give ongoing support which goes beyond your training sessions, to help and form better, healthier habit.

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Fit and healthy 

1-2-1 fitness sessions fitting around your lifestyle. Sessions can take place in home, outdoor, office or digitally. 


 Sessions specifically designed for new moms. Focus is on getting the connection back with your pelvic floor, gaining and improving core strength and stability while releasing tight muscles.

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Contact Me

I am trying to fit with my client's lifestyle. Leave me a message and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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